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Wing Span: 2362mm/93in

Length: 1907mm/75"

Flying Weight: 16.8  kg

Wing area: 103.19 dm2

Engine: 60-80cc-100cc    


C.G: ~155mm from the leading edge at wing root

  1. True scale outline with accurate detailsl

  2. Scale painted full-depth cockpit.

  3. Detachable main wing and tailplane for easy transportation, ready before ship out;

  4. Removable hatch on fuselage for easy access into the plane and change accessories;

  5. Functional authentic appearance flaps for smooth landing.

  6. High quality metal push rod included

  7. Complete high-quality hardware package featuring fiberglass control horns.

  8. Full and proper working landing gear doors front and rear included.

  9. Scale high quality spinner, Scale main wheels & electric retracts available─purchased separately.

  10. All the model spare parts are available in factory, can be offered to customer separately anytime.

  11. More than 95% assembled complete in factory.

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